Home Security: Everything You Need to Know About Smart Door Locks

Home Security: Everything You Need to Know About Smart Door Locks

After smart thermostats, smoke detectors and home personal assistants, is it time to install a digital lock on your front door? Smart locks are growing in popularity!


Here is everything you need to know about this piece of technology which promises to maximize your peace of mind whether you are at home or out!

What Is a Smart Door Lock?

A smart door lock doesn’t come with any physical key. To activate it you must use your smartphone, just like any of your other home’s automated systems. The two devices connect using the residence’s Wi-Fi network. Depending on the type of smart lock chosen, the occupants will either receive an access code or a single-use code to unlock the door.

Via an Internet connection, and depending on the system’s configuration, the user can unlock their front door remotely or by detection when their smartphone is in close proximity to the lock.  

The Advantages

1.    Ease of use: Smart doors simplify residents’ daily life when locking and unlocking the door: no more lost or forgotten keys.

2.    Added security: Do several people regularly enter and exit your property, like a housekeeper, contractor, or delivery person? You won’t have to have any more duplicate keys made! Access codes can be quickly changed or deactivated. You can equally unlock the door for them remotely.

3.    Activity log: This feature is useful, for example, for knowing at what time the kids got in from school or if an elderly loved one has made it back home.

4.    Cool design: With their sleek and contemporary design, smart locks blend in well with many styles of doors and exterior finishes: modern, traditional, elegant. In fact, they can add a touch of modernity to the look of all kinds of residences.

Points to Consider Before Buying

There is a wide range of smart door locks to pick from. You should select the model that is the most “connected” with your needs. Here are a few of the available options:

·      You can choose to completely replace your door’s locking mechanism or install a conversion kit that will work directly with your existing lock. However, simply retrofitting your door lock should in no way be considered a security upgrade! If you want the added security, you should go for a whole new smart door lock system.  

·      There are three main ways users can operate their smart locks. They can lock and unlock their door via their smartphone, with their fingerprint or automatically according to a preset schedule of each family member’s daily comings and goings. Pick the one that is best for you!

·      Make sure you choose a model that is straightforward to install; however, the degree of difficulty this usually involves is within the reach of most homeowners. All you will need is fifteen minutes and a screwdriver. Configuring the lock system with your smartphone and Wi-Fi will only require fifteen minutes more.

·      The objective of smart integration is to allow you to manage your new lock via a home personal assistant system such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc. Be certain the model you prefer is compatible with your smart home system before you buy!

·      Make sure your system and Wi-Fi connection are very secure. If it is vulnerable to hacking, your door won’t be safe. Moreover, some locks can be quickly removed with a flat head screwdriver. Installing this kind makes the entire home more vulnerable.

With a quality system, smart door locks can increase your home’s security in a way that is both fun and practical. Contact a business that specializes in this type of home technology for further guidance on selecting the right model for you. 

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