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With a deep love for real estate and an unwavering commitment to our community, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Exceptional Service for All Your Real Estate Needs

With nearly two decades of experience in top-tier customer service, Julie represents the perfect synergy between the sophistication of the hospitality industry and real estate expertise. Joining the RE/MAX CRYSTAL team as a residential real estate broker, she has honed her skills to effectively meet the diverse needs of the real estate market in the Rive-Nord and Lower Laurentians.


Your Unequaled Real Estate Expert

Don't wait any longer, discover how Julie turns every transaction into an exceptional experience.

  1. 01. Digital Visibility

    Julie is more than just a broker. With an extensive network of contacts and a strong presence on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, she ensures maximum visibility for each property.

  2. 02. Peace of Mind

    As a member of RE/MAX's exclusive Tranquilli-T program in Quebec, Julie offers unmatched protection and peace of mind at no extra cost. Take advantage of this unique guarantee when selling or buying your property.

  3. 03. Real Estate Partner

    Julie is renowned for her transparency, attentiveness, and commitment to delivering the best. Trust a professional who will be by your side, step by step, to fulfill your real estate dreams.

  4. 04. Personalized Support

    Every client is unique, and Julie is committed to providing personalized, transparent, and dedicated support, ensuring a relationship of trust and shared success.


Our awards and recognitions attest to our passion, expertise, and dedication, which have not gone unnoticed. We have been honored multiple times for our exceptional work in the real estate field. Discover below the accolades we have received, showcasing our unwavering commitment to our clients.


Platine Awards

Reaching the Platinum level not only attests to the individual success of the broker, but also to their ability to provide superior quality service to their clientele.


Chairman Awards

Receiving the Chairman's Award is a recognition of the elite, symbolizing an unwavering devotion to the profession and a passion for exceeding expectations at every interaction.


All of Fame

Receiving All of Fame's Award at RE/MAX is a testament to elite achievement, symbolizing not only an unwavering dedication to the profession, but also a remarkable milestone in my career.

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