8 of the Latest Wallpaper Trends!

8 of the Latest Wallpaper Trends!

Interior design enthusiasts will be delighted with this new year’s wallpaper trends. The popularity of greige minimalist rooms has been declining over the past few seasons, giving way to brighter colours and sensational prints.

In our homes, wallpaper can be used to create a focal point or add a touch of flair to a boring decor.

As Artwork

Are you looking to achieve the visual impact of wallpaper without having to invest in covering an entire wall? This idea might be for you! Showcase your chosen wallpaper by cutting out a section and hanging it on a wall like a work of art. You can also have one of your favourite photos printed as wallpaper to create a more personal piece.

Oversized Prints

Give any room that “wow” factor by applying a wallpaper featuring a large-scale pattern. Colourful prints, geometric shapes, and striking designs will elevate a room’s decor in a way that a simple coat of paint never could.

… Or, on the Contrary, Minuscule Motifs 

Small repeating patterns, such as thin stripes or teeny monochromatic geometric prints actually help a space feel bigger as well as more sophisticated. And if instead you want to be daring, a playroom or a child’s bedroom is the perfect place in which to experiment with bold colour combinations!

Popular Earth Tones

Caramel, beige, brown, terracotta, and mushroom grey … there is nothing like using earth tones for an inviting and restful space. It’s no surprise then that these colours are most often found in bedrooms and lounging areas, such as the living room. Used as wallpaper, these shades will create the ideal atmosphere for relaxation.

Everywhere but the Walls

Applying wallpaper to the ceiling is increasingly common. It creates a very unexpected focal point and is an eye-catching way of lifting a drab room. If you decide to adopt this trend in your home, choose a small-scale print in colours that complement the room’s existing textile elements, like the carpet and accent pillows. You want to avoid any jarring contrasts. 

You can also use wallpaper patterns as inspiration when picking other household textile items. Toile motifs, on an old armchair or padded headboard, are best suited to traditional interior design styles. However, a piece of furniture upholstered in a trendy vivid pattern can just as easily complement a wide range of decors.

A Tropical Setting

Wallpapers featuring palm trees, tropical plants, and exotic animals, like parrots, are in vogue for 2023. Use them in the bathroom for a resort getaway ambiance all year round.

To Welcome You Home

Wallpaper is typically used in bedrooms, living rooms, even in bathrooms; and yet, wallpapering the entryway is one of this year’s top trends. As this restricted space usually requires a pared down decor, the wallpaper’s visual impact isn’t lessened by a host of accessories, allowing its design to be admired as it should.

Lively Neutral Hues

Neutral tones never go out of style, especially when it comes to shades of beige or pale rose (but steer clear of grey!) Keep your neutral wallpaper from feeling flat by opting for a tone-on-tone pattern, or nuances of soft pastels on taupe. The result will be a warm and elegant decor, guaranteed!


Finally, thanks to peel and stick products, integrating the latest wallpaper trends into your decor is easier than ever. Most of the ideas discussed above can be achieved with removable wallpaper—a great option for those who aren’t quite yet ready to commit!

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