10 Home Luxury Upgrades to Treat Yourself

10 Home Luxury Upgrades to Treat Yourself

Who doesn’t dream of living in an upscale residence? It is possible to increase your living space’s comfort and cachet with a few well considered—and sometimes inexpensive—modifications.

These additions will no doubt improve your quality of life! Plus, some of these upgrades may even raise your property’s resale value. Here are some accessible home luxury ideas. 

1.    A Contemporary Fireplace in the Main Bedroom

This cozy design feature will turn any bedroom into a sumptuous suite reminiscent of the poshest hotels. And this doesn’t require major renovation work; today, electric fireplaces come in realistic and attractive models and are easily integrated into the wall.

2.    A Laundry Chute

Do you wonder if laundry chutes will ever make a comeback? It seems like they might be, and we can’t wait for this ingenious 1960s innovation to return into our homes. Fun and practical, thanks to a laundry chute, you can exile the bathroom dirty clothes basket to the laundry room—where it belongs!

3.    A Timber-Framed Pavilion

Enhance and extend your outdoor living space—and create the ambiance of an exclusive chalet resort—by erecting a timber-framed pavilion in your backyard. Moreover, if you construct it with a built-in heating system, you can enjoy your investment all year-round.

4.    Original and Refined Lighting

Practically every interior designer you ask will tell you to never cheap out on lighting. Buy the fixtures you love, even when they are priced at the top of your budget. Don’t forget indirect illumination, using accent lamps, in your house’s rest and leisure areas such as the living room and bedrooms. For a simple improvement that really pays off, install the electrical outlets in the floors instead of the walls.

5.    Custom Window Dressings

Custom made is, of course, synonymous with luxury. This is especially true when it comes to curtains and blinds! For even more extravagance, spring for automated blinds and sheers and choose high-quality fabric for the drapes. 

6.    A Freestanding Whirlpool Bathtub

Here’s another idea inspired by luxury hotel suites: a freestanding whirlpool tub. If you have the space, place the bathtub in the middle of the room! Complete the deluxe ambiance by installing a towel warmer, an electric fireplace and a discreetly positioned television screen. Hedonistic relaxation guaranteed!

7.    Heated Flooring

A great way of ensuring toasty toes, heated floors are not exclusively for bathrooms: indeed, you can add under floor heating to the kitchen as well. It will be even more appreciated in the basement, which can be quite chilly because of its location underground.


8.    A Frame TV

Replace your television with a framed model to transform it into a work of art when it is turned off. For extra polish, order a personalized frame from a customizable model (many online companies offer models to match all styles). 


9.    Integrated Kitchen Appliances

Integrated appliances! A trend that was formerly only popular in Europe has finally started popping up here over the past few years. Kitchen devices are concealed behind the same cabinet doors used in the rest of the kitchen, making them invisible. As the cherry on top, install an in-wall espresso machine.  

10.    Tiny Luxuries, Big Impact

Enhance the sophistication of your daily routines by swapping out a few everyday items for their higher-end counterpart. For example, buy high-quality towels and sheets, replace all hand soaps with premium products in beautiful glass bottles, store your utensils in marble pots instead of metal or wood.


This should make you even prouder of your property … and encourage you to truly make the most of it!

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